If you are a site owner and would like more information and a no obligation quote please contact us and we can get WiFi up and running in your Campsites, Caravan Parks, Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Centres, Coffee Shops, or Marina in no time at all. 


Additionally we can provide WiFi HotSpot services in smaller venues such as

 Pubs, Cafes or Restaurants.


At J Berry Cctv Ltd we are always working with our customers to allow them to get the best value from their WiFi solutions.


The systems we provide are pre-programmed by ourselves and we can install the systems at your premises. 

For smaller sites our self install WiFi system is a great option (customers knowledge of networks would be required). 




Our JB Wifi Systems are ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to share an internet connection.


You can even create a second stream where your customers can pay to use your Wi-fi connection, this would then create a constant revenue stream.


If  your business currently has one of these systems in place contact us now and we will beat any revenue share scheme you currently have.

Commercial WiFi & Broadband Wireless Access

J Berry Cctv Ltd can provide simple traditional wireless broadband routers right through to fully managed systems that allow control of guest access.


System settings and optional pay-per-use services can easily be changed and managed.


All our systems are cloud managed customisable and monitored 24/7. Our systems can be monitored, maintained and are 100% configurable via the web. 


J Berry CCTV can even expand your Wi-fi signal to difficult to reach places. We are also able to provide point to point

broadband links for remote locations such as farms. You can now have a full wifi network installed at your Site whether you are located in John o’ Groats or Lands End.

We manage all the site surveys, planning, configuration and setup; all that’s required is for us to install the equipment, if you are able to do so you could install the pre programmed system yourselves if you would like to keep costs to a minimum.


We can offer various types of packages to get a Wifi system installed from Outright Purchase's, Part Purchase 

through to Free Systems, Contact us now with your requirements to see what options are available.



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For Residential Wifi Systems please Click Here.

A Small Price To Pay For Security!

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