Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit

The JB2403G Remote Control Unit has been specifically designed and  configured to incorporate a professional industrial grade GSM Engine that receives calls at its SIM number, as any ordinary GSM phone. 

The JB2403G operates in the GSM module Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. Just to give an example, if your SIM has a phone number 5638 9110255, that is the number you have to call to activate the switch.
The JB 2403G has a memory where you will store the numbers of people enabled to activate the switch(s) (up to 50). When the Remote Control Unit receives a call, it will check the calling number and if the number is in the list you have prepared it will reject the call and activate the switch.
An example of this over other systems are that you do not have to leave the car to open your gates, or to arm/disarm an alarm system or simply reset a device, avoiding weather or safety issues, you don't need to carry around a separate remote device or indeed replace it, if it were to get lost!

Simply dial the simcard number to control the unit whether it is to activate a switch or to open the gate/garage door. It will reject your call so you are not charged.

  • Details

    Phone list for added security up to 80 stored numbers.
    Text for Signal Strength
    Call or Text to Operate Relay 1
    Text to Operate Relay 2
    Antenna supplied.
    Sim Active Function
    INPUT 240VAC
    Output Relays are 10AMP N/O or N/C Volt free
    Quad band freq 850, 900, 1800, 1900mhz
    No need to keep locally resetting devices.
    No need to keep replacing remote keyfobs when the keyfobs are lost.
    If you live on a busy main road or a dangerous bend you can
    Operate your Remote Control Unit in advance so that when you arrive at home your Gate could be open for you.

A Small Price To Pay For Security!


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