WiFi System

Wi-Fi System

Expand your Wi-fi signal to difficult to reach places, We can even create a second stream where your customers can pay to use your Wi-fi connection.

This Wi-Fi expander is ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to use or share an connection. (depending on system and design)

Examples include Homes (large or small), hotels, apartments, neighborhoods, coffee shops, shopping malls, campgrounds, and marinas to name a few.

If you discuss with us first we can programme these units up for you to allow you a plug and play ease of installation. 
  • Details

    1. Dual PoE Support: Use either passive 12-24v PoE or standard 802.3af PoE as used in PoE switches.

    2. High power: Doubled power to 23 dBm (200 mW) from 20 dBm (100 mW).
    With 23 dBm power (200 mW) at even the highest speeds (5-8 dBi higher than most business class access points) and dual receive amplifiers, this unit boosts incoming signals to provide exceptional range at twice the speed of the original unit. Since its dual antennas are internal (same 2 dBi gain), it fits into the external housings.

    This unit is compatible with both passive 12-24v PoE and standard 802.3 line of passive PoE injectors or standard PoE switches.