Wireless Vehicle Camera System

Wireless Vehicle Camera System – All Round View

£475.00 (Fitting Can Be Supplied)

The ultimate in all round visibility and simplicity of installation. This system has 4 wireless cameras and a 4 channel 9inch monitor.

Ideal for large commercial vehicles, double trailer lorries, visibility around large cranes, outside and inside horse boxes etc…..

The 9 inch monitor screen with touch screen functionality can show the view from all four cameras at the same time on the quad split screen or zoom in to 1, 2 or 3 camera view.

The waterproof and vibration resistant cameras (up to 10G) have infra red (IR) LEDs to give a better night vision in the dark, can be fitted side, on top or under and swivel for accurate positioning on the camera on the vehicle.
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    Fitting Can Be Supplied If Requested
    Please contact us With Regards To Fitting Costs.