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Alarm System Takeovers

Home Alarm Takeovers

Alarm takeovers can take place when you decide to switch security providers at your home or business. This could be due to a poor service received, rising costs or inherited system during a move. We can take over a number of security systems including CCTV, access control, and burglar alarms.

The process of taking over an existing security system happens after a full review and inspection of the existing equipment during a thorough survey of your home. After further assessments, we can make a decision about the best approach. This includes ensuring that there is adequate and sufficient coverage with a possibility for additional features if required.

If you own a monitored alarm system, this service can be reviewed and discussed during our visit with a potential for providing an up-to-date equivalent.

What is a Takeover?

J Berry Cctv Ltd are regularly asked by companies to take over their security system. Our experienced team of professionals can review your existing system, and then provide you with recommendations on how it can be improved, and then successfully bring them under our care if you wish us to do so.

Our security system takeovers are ideal for businesses that have an existing alarm system, but would like it reviewed and then maintained by J Berry Cctv Ltd. There are a variety of reasons why a company might come to us for their intruder alarm servicing. It is often the case that a company has moved into a new office or unit and inherited an existing alarm system but want us to manage it for them. Another all too frequent issue is receiving poor service from their current provider and wanting to switch over to us.

What's involved?

J Berry Cctv Ltd are able to take over various systems, including burglar alarms, CCTV and Door and Video Access Control Systems. We have a takeover process that has been implemented for many years with huge success. A site visit is always carried out to ensure that we have complete clarity on what it is that you need and would like to achieve.

Our engineers will vigorously test and inspect your existing system, and confirm whether we are able to take over its ongoing maintenance. They will also recommend system upgrades where suitable if they believe that it will improve the long-term safety and compliance of your business.

Home/Business Alarm Maintenance

Just as important as designing and installing the perfect security system for your home or business, alarm maintenance is crucial in making sure your system is reliable and functional all year round.

Regular maintenance visits include 2 services per year of your system, 1 of the services will be done remotely by utilizing our sophisticated software, and the other will be a physical on site visit by our expert engineers. This prevents false alarms, ensures all areas of your home are protected and all systems are working exactly as they should be.

It also involves continuous support provided by engineers, who can offer remote support with any technical inquiries or can arrange a visit as and when required. Maintaining your security network covers certifying batteries have been replaced or are due to be replaced soon, image and audio are being transferred correctly and overall inspection of the condition of your equipment.

Maintaining your security systems gives you the opportunity to prevent future issues and fix potential arising problems as quickly as possible, avoiding any potential disruptions to the effectiveness of your home’s security.

With the advantage of straightforward setting, unsetting, control and monitoring via an app, we can easily add and remove users, giving you complete control over who in your company can assess the alarm. The systems we fit can have 24/7 monitoring or if you prefer they can also be installed as audible only alarms, but with the added benefit of a clear alert being sent directly a keyholder’s smartphone, tablet or PC without the need for a monitored and police response systems.

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