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Introducing Oculi

Battery operated to Remote Protect your site or property when no power is available.


OCULi is a product range of battery powered wireless PIR motion sensors which have integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators. These products provide rapid video verification of an alarm event using the mobile phone network.



What are your security options when you have no power?

With the current pandemic responsible for an increase in vacant properties, incidents of fly-tipping and thefts from construction sites, all of these scenarios have one thing in common: there is often restricted or no power available at these locations.

OCULi is a wireless motion detector that starts filming an event immediately on detection. The short footage clip will be available to view via the app or portal, typically in 20 - 30 seconds so that a timely response can be organised.



Battery Operated, Quick Install, Remote Monitoring.

OCULi is a product range of battery powered, wireless PIR motion sensors which have integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators.

These products provide rapid video verification of alarm events using the mobile phone 3G network. A dedicated cloud server and web portal provides a full monitoring system as well as an easy way to set up and control the detectors.

Alarms and alerts are sent to the OCULi mobile phone app as Push Notification as an alternative means of monitoring.

OCULi uses the mobile phone 3G network and can be sited anywhere there is a network signal available. Simply sign up to SIM usage on a rolling monthly contract and you are ready to go. (SIM price includes the use of the cloud server). Images are streamed over 3G giving exceptional speed and quality of delivery. Connection time to the network using our roaming SIM is fast and non-network specific so the strongest signal will always be used.

All video & data is stored on the SD card and cloud server until it is deleted by the user. Superior VGA 640x480 colour video starts filming in just a few milliseconds after detection ensuring that events are not missed. Unrivalled monochrome night-time clarity is achieved using powerful IR LED lighting.

PIR detection range is 15 metres x 90° using a Quad Pyro Sensor and falls well within the camera’s fi eld of view of 135° to ensure detected movements remain in view. Bluetooth® facilitates easy set up using the mobile phone app to determine signal strength, camera view and PIR detection coverage.

 Sensitivity, pulse counting and gating are all configurable using the App or web portal. Each OCULi detector is programmable to automatically set and un-set up to 3 times per day on a 7 day timer. On site Arm/Dis-Arm can over-ride the automatic schedule by using the OCULi phone App.

Quad pyro technology minimises false alarms and ensures superior detection performance. OCULi is fully tamper protected with IR anti-masking, 3 axis inertia sensing and enclosure tampers. TimeLine video® feature ensures that the product is working correctly and provides an extra level of surveillance.

Some Ideas For Typical Uses

Vacant Property Image.jpg
Constructiion Site.jpg

Vacant Properties

The rise in the number of empty buildings means these are an easy target for thieves and squatters.


Instances of fly-tipping have grown by a staggering 350% in England since the start of the pandemic.

Construction Site Security

There has been an estimated 50% rise in the theft of plant equipment and tools since COVID 19.

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